Our personal service on-site for you!

... we will beat the heat for you!

Service is our highest priority. Whenever you need our advice or help, we will be happy to visit you on-site, at your plant. Together, we can test new products that we will develop especially for you.

Our field staff – experienced technicians and engineers – not only provide advice regarding refractory products, but can also recommend ways to optimize your processes. 

Whenever you need us – we will be there for you!

We are here to advise and help you – and not just regarding our own products and their applications. You can always count on us to lend a helping hand, which we are happy to prove in deeds rather than words.

On-site installation of:

  • Electric arc furnaces, ladles and tundish covers
  • Monolithic/unshaped permanent ladle linings
  • Permanent tundish linings
  • Industrial floorings that can withstand thermal and mechanical wear 

We provide individual services, such as:

  • Full-service installment of permanent linings 
  • Supply of modern gunning equipment
  • Maintenance and repair of plant facilities
  • Engineering, construction and manufacture of permanent lining templates
  • Engineering and construction of ladle covers
  • Turn-key tundish management service, including all installation steps
  • Selection and supply of the required refractory products
  • Machinery supply
  • Logistics /warehouse management