Ladle well fillers

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Product groupSchiebersand CR CSchiebersand CCSchiebersand ZR CECOFILLQUICKFLOW
Grain size (mm)< 2 < 2< 2< 2< 2
Cr2O325 - 40 %10 - 40 % 0 - 40 %10 - 40 %20 - 40 %
ZrO2----4 - 56 %----
SiO215 - 40 %15 - 80 % 0 - 30 %15 - 80 %55 - 80 %
C0 - 2 %0 - 2 %0 - 2 %0 - 2 %0 - 2 %

Our ladle well fillers are your key to a 100% opening rate

With its annual production of approx. 30,000 t, Purmetall is one of the largest manufacturers of ladle well fillers worldwide. We serve more than 100 customers in 45 countries, who produce more than 100 million tonnes of steel, and count on the quality of PURMETALL's ladle well fillers. 

In order to continually improve our ladle well fillers, PURMETALL is setting the standard with its research on ladle well fillers. Our unique expertise has been gained by combining decades of experience with cutting-edge research knowledge in the field of ladle well fillers.



The product portfolio in our range of ladle well fillers includes the following groups:

  • Schiebersand (Ladle well filler) CR C 
  • Schiebersand (Ladle well filler) CC
  • Schiebersand (Ladle well filler) ZR C

This well-established and wide range of products enables us to meet all the demands involved in the production process. These products not only vary based on the selection of primary raw material components, but the overall composition can also be fine-tuned.

Furthermore, the product groups serve as the basis for the targeted development of customised ladle well fillers, which are optimised to suit each specific use of the product.

Work and process safety 

When using our ladle well fillers, you can practically say goodbye to ladle opening failures and oxygen burning. By continually developing our products and your processes, we have been able to steadily improve the opening rate.

Innovative research and development

In order to build on this experience, we are focussed on researching ladle well fillers within the framework of several national and international research projects. These projects are a continuation of the scientifc study designed to examine the reaction and interaction of ladle well fillers. Renowned partners and the PURMETALL development lab serve as the basis for this work.

Target grain size, low wettability, penetrability by steel and precise sintering behavior lead to defined characteristics during use. Thus, using the right ladle well filler ensures the safe and free opening of the steel casting ladle.

Raw material selection based on the latest data

The main components of our high-quality ladle well fillers are, for example, selected chromite, zircon and quartz sands as well as specific carbon carriers. Strict quality criteria and detailed quality assurance and quality management systems ensure that we utilize high quality raw materials and thus produce high-quality ladle well fillers. The ideal composition is adjusted to meet the production needs of each customer.


Custom-made addition systems

In order to keep your opening rate at a consistently high level, we recommend using a custom-made addition system.

Addition systems for ladle well filler

PURMETALL also applies its expertise in terms of handling ladle well fillers directly in steelworks and, together with the customer, they determine each individual station for adding ladle well filler. This high level of automation ensures that a precise amount of ladle well filler can be added safely in a defined positioned.

When considering the various influencing factors leading to the ladle opening in an abstract manner, three general variables must be taken into account. These are the ladle well filler product, the human factor (particularly at the time of addition) and the volume processed in the steelworks. Together they form a triangle that symbolises a "Bermuda Triangle" of sorts. Only after each corner on this "Bermuda Triangle" has been closely examined, can the full potential be developed that is necessary to ensure the opening of the slide gate.

PURMETALL supplies such a master plan – the key to your success! 



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact one of our ladle well filler experts.

We will be happy to help you find the right product from our wide ringe of ladle well fillers. 

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