High-end hot repair gunning materials designed to meet the highest demands in the ladle or converter

ProductMgOCaOFe2O3Al2O3SiO2ALT*[°C]Application areas
Purplus® BOF V175 %16 %< 1 %< 1 %< 3 %1.750Applicable in every area of converter
Purplus® BOF V278 %14 %< 1 %< 1 %< 3 %1.800Various applications, especially in the flank area
Purplus® BOF V379 %14 %< 1 %< 1 %< 2 %1.800Various applications, especially at high tapping temperatures
LV 2
77 %15 %< 1 %< 1 %< 3 %1.800Hot repair of highly stressed premature wear zones in the ladle, e.g. slags zone or ladle rim
LV 3
79 %14 %< 0.5 %< 0.5 %< 2 %1.800

*ALT: Application limit temperature

Typical application areas:

ConverterLadleElectric arc furnace


By including selected additives, the products' properties can be tailored to suit a wide variety of applications in order to achieve optimal refractory results.

The combination of the described criteria ensures that the gunning materials are extremely easy to work with and can be used with all standard machinery. This includes the use of manipulators, of course.

Once our high-quality products are applied, you can expect a long service life – and thus also great value for money. 

Our high-quality repair masses are made with carefully selected raw materials. They are marked by a particularly high degree of purity as well as specially tailored grain shapes, sizes and crystalline structures designed for our mixtures. The number of impurities is kept to a minimum so that the use at high temperatures is safe.

The bond, which is custom-tailored for each specific application, ensures usability on hot surfaces, extremely fast bonding and strong mechanical strength throughout the entire temperature range.