Synthetic slags and insulating covering powders

Type of steelunalloyed steeltool steelspring steeldifferent steel types
CaO45-60 %70 - 80 %55-65 %45-55 %
MgO20-30 %2- 10 %8-15 %12-20 %
Al2O3< 10 %15 %< 3 %8-12 %
SiO2< 10 %< 5 %< 30 %< 5 %
Fe2O31 %< 5 %< 1 %< 1 %


The ever-growing spectrum of steel qualities requires targeted slag operations. It is no longer possible for steel works to apply just any given top slags from the storage hopper. This task is increasingly performed with synthetic slags. 


These are used for dephosphorisation, desulphurisation, or the production of machining steel, ball bearing steel, as well as many other steel products.

Our synthetic slags speed up secondary metallurgical processes


The sythetic slags produced by PURMETALL are not pre-melted mixtures. Instead they consist of specially selected, oxydised raw materials. This means that unwanted residual elements, such as SiO2, TiO2, Fe2O3 are reduced to a minimum.


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