Functional precast shapes

Precast shapes produced with refractory castables: custom-designed, constructed and casted

Our precast refractory components are made of low-cement and cement-free refractory castables. These are based on Al2O3, MgO, Spinel (MgO*Al2O3) and provide optimal refractory performance. 

The product palette includes precast shapes ranging from 0.5 kg up to 13,000 kg in weight. These can be custom built or produced in small or large series and are designed to be installed at the customer's site and are ready for immediate use (tempered).

Precise shapes and the highest quality material deliver the best refractory performance

In order to optimse transport and simplfy the installation, large precast shapes can also be cast in individual elements and assembled on-site.

The entire preparation and production of our components is managed and monitored by our engineering team. Our engineers provide a turn-key engineering package: they design and construct the components and review all the details with the customer, as well as providing support in person during the the on-site installation.


Components for electric arc furnaces and converters

  • EAF roof section
  • Tapping trough

Components for secondary metallurgical plants

  • RH immersion nozzle
  • DH immersion nozzle
  • CAS/OB bells

Tundish components

  • Deflector plates
  • Well blocks
  • Dams & weirs

Components for electric arc furnaces

  • EAF roof section
  • Tapping trough

Components for ladle

  • Slide gate ceramics (exception: plates)
  • Well blocks for gas stirrers
  • Striker plates
  • Collector nozzle

We also have the capacity to construct a model of the required component prior to production. The casting process requires the highest level of precision and we monitor the production process very carefully.