PURCAST® – A high-strength, heat-resistant castable concrete for industrial flooring

Specially developed for the new construction and renovation of industrial flooring

PURCAST® offers various advantages in comparison to conventional concretes wherever hot objects such as cast parts or slag are placed or stored on the ground.

Thanks to its high tensile strength it is very durable even under extreme mechanical wear, such as fork lift traffic, hot slag residue etc. 

Load carrying capacity, drying speed and durability fulfil all industrial requirements



New construction and repair of industrial flooring exposed to extreme temperatures and mechanical wear – indoors and outdoors


Areas of application

Steelworks flooring, furnace platforms, casting platforms in metallurgical plants, slag boxes, protective walls etc.


  • Durabilty despite thermal and mechanical stress
  • Fast usability of the poured surfaces: a hardness of 60 N/mm² can be achieved 24 hours after pouring with an ambient temperature of > 10° C
  • After just 72 hours, PURCAST® has a hardness of 75N/mm² and can withstand its full loading capacity
  • Very easy to use
  • Thanks to its ease of use, the product does not have to be poured by staff specially trained in refractories.